A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


W/A/S/D - Movement

Space - Jump

Shift- Sprint

E- Change colors

Thanks to TheCowardlyDuck for making some models :D

The player control is the default first person shooter unity controller. 


32windows.zip 14 MB
64windows.zip 16 MB
64mac.app.zip 30 MB


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Fun game!
I like that it's full 3D.

From an art perspective it's nice that you build everything out of spheroids. That works on two levels -- fitting the theme and also economizing art work in a time-limited jam. Looks pretty too.

I found it a little frustrating to judge how big the player's bounding box would be. I think that might work a little better in a third person perspective.

Nice that you implemented sound even if in a basic form, that tends to get overlooked in short jams.

The swapping-colors mechanic is a little cliched these days. If you want to continue with this (and I think you should!) I would ask what else new you're bringing to the table.

Good stuff though!

Hope that helps.